Friday, 23 November 2012

£ood Waste Challenge - Day 7

I finished the first week of the Challenge with another no-waste day.


A massive Friday treat of a sausage, bacon and egg bap at work. Clearly I demolished the lot; absolutely no danger of there being any leftovers!

I'd forgotten about the Friday treat so had my breakfast (pre-portioned muesli and a banana) as a later afternoon top-up.


A rather crazy "meal" using up stuff in the fridge: Savoy cabbage, cooked in the remainder of the pork stock (remnants from Sunday), with the remaining bacon and some walnut halves from last Wednesday.

Grand Food Waste Total:

Crusts from two slices of bread

That's a pretty good result for the first week, which was crowned with a trip to City Hall for an event to meet the other challengers, find out how to waste less food and learn about the prizes on offer for next week!

On arrival I got a jute goody bag filled with some helpful Love Food Hate Waste items including a bag clip, a bottle stop ( I think), a magnetic white board and pen for the fridge and a whole heap of advice leaflets.

There were a few activities (which unfortunately I missed because I was late) followed by some good discussion on the five principles on how to reduce food waste and some very useful tips.

There are even some prizes how well we do next week including:
  • Biggest reduction in food waste
  • Least food waste
  • Best tip
  • Most innovative recipe
Thus my aims for the second week of the £ood Waste Challenge are:
  • Zero food waste
  • A much more interesting set of posts
  • To try and come up with some tips
  • To try and come up with an innovative recipe (unfortunately my habit of planning well means I usually don't have many leftovers to sue up creatively and I've not got anyone coming over for dinner this week.
PS. This is the view from the balcony of the London Living Room at City Hall. Pretty good, eh?

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