Thursday, 29 November 2012

£ood Waste Challenge - Day 13

Just a quickie tonight because today has been mega-busy, really not sure where it went. Fortunately there was enough time to eat and not generate any food waste.


No food waste. You get one guess how. Really? No, I did actually have breakfast and it was a weighed-out portion of muesli and a banana. Who'd a thunk it?


No food waste. A bowl of celeriac and celery soup and a slice of toast both taken straight from the freezer. Well, the bread to make the toast came from the freezer. Then an apple.


No food waste. Simple re-heated the portion of posh macaroni cheese from last night. I was too busy tonight to spend much time on food.

Grand Food Waste Total:
Since I'm probably only going to eat breakfast at home tomorrow, it looks like I'm going to make it a zero food waste week. Woop! At least I might achieve one of my aims...

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