Wednesday, 28 November 2012

£ood Waste Challenge - Day 12

A day of working at home today, which typically means grazing through the day with a "proper" dinner rather than three set meals. Thus plenty of opportunity to use up leftovers.

Daytime pre-dinner munching

No food waste all day. I had:
  • a couple of slices of toast made with bread straight from the freezer;
  • the "crisps" from last night;
  • a yoghurt;
  • a nutty bar; and
  • the fried-up left over from last night with a fried egg.
Maybe not the prettiest plate of food but tasty nonetheless.


No food waste, as this was a planned meal: "posh" macaroni cheese. Essentially this is regular macaroni cheese with a few extras. I added a couple of rashers of bacon taken from the freezer which needed using, a brace of tomatoes and two weighted-out portions of frozen mixed veg. In the sauce I used up the Philadelphia from last week and some of the cream from Sunday. On top I put breadcrumbs made from two slices of bread (including the crusts!) and some Parmesan. I deliberately used enough pasta for two portions with the plan to eat half and save the rest for another day. Turns out that adding so many extras means it actually made three portions so I ate one, put one in the freezer and one in the fridge.

For afters, I had the remaining Yorkshire puddings from yesterday.

It would seem the combination of hot crispy and yet doughy batter and cream and Golden Syrup makes for a cracking treat. I'm tempted to try and refine them further. The ones I made with apple and muscavado were noticeably denser and slightly less flavoursome than I was hoping. I didn't have problem with the texture, more the lack of toffee-appleness that I was shooting for. Just means I'll have to try again, what a shame!

Grand Food Waste Total:

All in all a good day, no food waste, plenty of leftovers used up and reasonably healthy (although slightly devoid of fruit, still its int eh fridge so it should keep for longer). Only two days left to go to avoid food waste...

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