Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Food anagrams

I have to thank the William Curley newsletter for pointing out that "stressed" is an anagram of "desserts". (To be fair it's not even an anagram, it's just backwards).

This got me thinking about other food-related anagrams (obviously) and thus a Google search was only mere moments away. Here are some of the best:

And Enchanted Learning takes a rigorous almost academic approach. What's not to like there? takes a phase approach to its food anagrams which is really quite fun:

Cornish charter pie: Protein rich search
Walnut and fig tart: Fatal rat dung twin
Rhubarb crumble: Rubber club harm
Cinnamon and honey wafers: Arson now enhanced infamy
Garlic mussels: Salesgirl scum
Stuffed sardines: Disaster snuffed
Fried noodles: Defines drool
Baked sweet potatoes: Wastebasket too deep
Bass Draught Ale: Head sugar blast

There's a pretty easy quiz on

So essentially, there's loads of food type anagrams. I'm not sure the world is any better for me finding out about this, or telling you, but it was a diverting 10minutes. However, let me leave you with one last thought, is there anything more perfect than:

An anagram of one fruit into another. Utter joy.

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