Monday, 19 November 2012

£ood Waste Challenge - Day 3

The first weekday of the £ood Waste Challenge, did this have any impact on my performance?


No food waste. I had a weighed out portion of muesli and a banana at work.


No food waste. I had a beetroot and cheese sandwich, using up the final beetroot from last week and using bread from the freezer. I also had an apple and various bits and pieces from the team biscuit box.


No food waste even though I had three courses! I used up the remaining celery and half a celeriac to make a celery and celeriac soup. I even used the peelings from the celeriac to add extra flavour to the soup, although I took them out before liquidising. There's not much you can do with a celeriac root, but fortunately it doesn't couldn't as food waste anyway! The leftover soup got portioned and frozen.

For main, I had my last portion of ragu from the freezer with a 100g of pasta.

Pudding was the final slice of the Gâteau Opéra.

Grand Food Waste Total:

Crusts from two slices of bread

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