Wednesday, 21 November 2012

£ood Waste Challenge - Day 5

Unfortunately there was some food waste today although it doesn't count, I think, let me explain.


No food waste. I had a weighed out portion of muesli and a banana.


No food waste. I was working at my parents house and had a slice of leftover homemade pizza and a slice of homemade gingerbread. There may have been some cheeky crumpets and biscuits in the mix as well but there certainly wasn't any waste. As you can tell, I think my desire to avoid food waste is definitely due to my upbringing!


No food waste. I went round to a friend's and we had an Indian takeaway. My curry came with four slices of green pepper, which is one of the few things I hate, so I left it. However, I don't think this counts as the waste wasn't at my house. Am I getting a little too competitive here?

Grand Food Waste Total:

Crusts from two slices of bread

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