Saturday, 3 November 2012

Love Food Hate Waste week - Day 7

Ah, the weekend. Time-a-plenty to tinker in the kitchen. I tend to just graze throughout the days on Saturday and Sunday, only really having a proper meal at dinner time.

Since I got up I've had some muesli, toast, scrambled egg on toast with the remainder of the smoky sausage from Tuesday and a small bar of chocolate. Dinner is a frozen pizza. (Yeah, OK, I know. That's my guilty pleasure. Deal with it. I love pizza, no matter what form it takes: be it artisanal or mass-market.)

Waste for the day:
  • Egg shells - unavoidable
  • None; that's three days on the trot!
What have I learnt after a week of actively thinking about reducing my food waste? Well, I already do most of the Love Food Hate Waste advised things to minimise my food waste, so it would seem there's not much more for me to do better.
  • My freezer is my best friend. I'd be lost without it.
  • I portion pretty much everything. As well as reducing waste it also means I actually have some way of eating a reasonable amount of food instead of just stuffing my face.
  • I love leftovers and weekend lunches (using anything up) in particular are great meals every time.
  • I plan my meals for the week. I pretty much now where I'm gonna be and when I'll be eating at home or out. I make s hopping list and then stick to it.
In some ways I think I take things a little bit further. For example, I have a list of everything that's in my freezer with the dates for when they need to be used by. I update it as I use or add things and always make sure I eat things in time.

The thing that has stuck me is that the amount of food-related packaging I throw away is far greater than any food waste I generate. That's quite frustrating but I'm not entirely sure there's anything I can do about it.

I'll carry on for another week and see if there's anything more I can learn.


  1. Our business generates a lot of used cooking oil. ls there a commercial food waste recycling grand rapids mi that we could contact who would collect this?

    1. I am based in the UK so, unfortunately, am unable to answer your query.


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