ICCHFC Cake Club

The Information and Communications Cake House Fan Club, henceforth known as the ICCHFC or "Cakers" is made up of seven colleagues (three from Information and four from Communications) who take it in turns to bake a cake each week to beat the Monday blues.

On Wednesday the next baker puts up a poll of three choices from which the rest of the group can choose. The other members then vote for the cake they want on Monday. Voting closes on Friday.

If the vote is tied then the Dice of Destiny is rolled to determine which cake is to be baked. 

On Monday the chosen cake is produced and enjoyed for elevenses!

The cakes so far:

Week 70Strike cake!
Week 69White chocolate and cherry cookies
Week 68N/A - Baker doing kitchen refurb
Week 67Banana and walnut loaf
Week 66Oat and cranberry cookies
Week 65Jammy dodgers
Week 64Charity bake
Week 63N/A - Nothing - baking disaster!
Week 62N/A - Nothing - forgetful baker!
Week 61Nutty apple loaf
Week 60Lemon and rosemary cake
Week 59Red velvet cake
Week 58Chocolate, chilli and orange cake
Week 57Pecan blondies
Week 56Pumpkin cake
Week 55Coconut, lemon and blueberry cake
Week 54Plum cake
Week 53Pear and almond muffins
Week 52Chocolate fridge cake
Week 51Fruit loaf
Week 50Olive oil, fruit and nut cake
Week 49Poppy seed cake with vanilla butter icing
Week 48Pecan and apple muffins
Week 47Bara Brith
Week 46Saffron cake
Week 45Raspberry tray bake
Week 44Caramel apple loaf
Week 43Cherry and cinnamon cake
Week 42Chocolate fudge cake
Week 41N/A - shop cookies only as the baker was ill over the weekend
Week 40N/A - nothing 'cos the baker was on holiday!
Week 39Chocolate and fudge muffins
Week 38Rhubarb crumble slice
Week 37Jamaican sultana cake
Week 36Millionaire's shortbread
Week 35Plum crunch cake
Week 34Lemon cream cake
Week 33Madeira cake
Week 32Black forest Swiss roll and
Chestnut cream meringue roulade
Week 31Squidgy spiced apple cake
Week 30Devonshire honey cake
Week 29 Apple fruit cake
Week 28 Sachertorte
Week 27 Toffee apple and yoghurt cake
Week 26 Easter buns
Week 25 Lemon coconut layer cake
Week 24 Orange drizzle cake
Week 23 Pecan and toffee cake
Week 22 Caraway seed cake
Week 21 Carrot cake
Week 20 Peanut butter cup cakes
Week 19 Molly cake
Week 18 Salted caramel chocolate cake
Week 17 Cinnamon crumble apple cake
Week 16 Flapjacks
Week 15 Raspberry Bakewell cake
Week 14Lemon squares
Week 13 Chocolate and walnut brownies
Week 12 Cheese scones
Week 11 Angel food cake
Week 10 Blueberry lemon cakes with cheesecake topping
Week 9 Malteaser cake
Week 8 Victoria sponge
Week 7 Orange marshmallow cake
Week 6 Apple and blackberry mini muffins
Week 5 Parkin
Week 4 Courgette cake
Week 3 Chocolate dipped cherry cake
Week 2 Banana and chocolate cake
Week 1 Lemon syrup cake
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