Wednesday, 7 October 2009

London Restaurant Festival

So the other day I said that I had volunteered for the London Restaurant Festival (see previous post), well, it would seem that they wanted my help.

Today I took a half day and headed down to Covent Garden to help meet and greet the public and generally spread the word about the festival. I learnt that the five year plan is to make the festival as big as the Edinburgh Fringe and comparable to the Sydney International Food Festival and New York Restaurant Week. Pretty impressive ambitions.

On Friday I'm helping out at the London Eye, when Gordon Ramsey will be representing Restaurant Gordon Ramsey. It's going to be a three course meal, with each course enjoyed during one revolution of the London Eye. On the third go round (dessert) Gordon will be joining the diners in the capsule. Apparently this capsule sold for £23,000 at the charity auction. No idea what I'll be doing but it should be fun!

Then on Tuesday I'm helping out at the Festival Awards, which should be a blast especially if I get to hang out after I'm done with my "work"!

Now just need to try and go to The Big Roast at Leadenhall Market on Sunday or maybe check out Pierre Koffman's pop-up restaurant on the roof of Selfridge's which is now going to be staying open until 31st October...

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