Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Burger nonsense

I just came across this massive hamburger picture. Is it real? Where's it from? Could any single person actually eat it?

It would seem that creating massive burger is nothing new, especially for our North American cousins, in the home of the burger. Just try Googling "massive burger" or "huge hamburger", there's plenty to choose from.

So that got me thinking just how far has the burger encroached on our western psyche?

Obviously you can make your own burger and to help you can buy three different types of burger press from Lakeland.

You'd get some pretty good practice if you were making burgers for Joey Chestnut. He's currently the world's fastest hamburger eater, managing to get through 108 in just eight minutes.

You'd need to save quite a few pennies in your burger piggy bank before you could afford the world's most expensive burger.

In 2008 Burger King launched "The Burger". An £95 burger made with flame grilled Wagyu Beef, topped with white truffles in an Iranian saffron and truffle bun. The garnishes include white truffles, onion tempura prepared in Cristal champagne and Italy's finest Pata Negra prosciutto.
Seriously, £95 for a burger? But then again I find myself asking "where can I get one?".

As well as getting some burger in you maybe you'd like to share your passion with the wider world and dress like a burger.

You could ever wear your dress as you drive around in your burger car (although it's clearly a trike).

How about making your home a shrine to the burger?

You can get a set of coasters.

...or maybe a hamburger stool

How about some cushions for the living room?

Or how about a hamburger bed, which even has it's own Facebook page! Seriously, would you really want to sleep in this?

Maybe you could keep in touch with friends and relatives using your hamburger phone

You could suggest playing with your hamburger yo-yos.

Perhaps a birthday a party would be more fun, especially if it had a hamburger cake.


  1. Does the burger dress come in XXL?

    Bet it does :-P

  2. And does the phone come with a dialing wand? :-P

  3. What the Dickens is dialing wand. Is it a device for those endowed with podgy digits?


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