Friday, 1 October 2010

Leftover week

Last weekend's roast and cooked breakfast left me with a host of leftovers. I'm quite glad to report that I managed to subsist on these alone. Here's what I ate during the week.

Monday - I had cabbage and pork pasta that I'd previously made with pork belly, simply substituting my left over pork for the belly.

Tuesday - Cold meat and apple sauce, mash and beans. Simple, but tasty.

Wednesday - Pork "stroganoff"

Slices of onion and mushroom gently fried. Then paprika and cream added to create a sauce to warm up the pork.

Thursday - Pork, fennel and potato salad care of HFW

Crispy potatoes, big chunks of caramelised fennel and pork. Seasoned with a squirt of lemon juice. Absurdly simple but delicious.

And not to mention more than a few very tasty sandwiches made with the cold meat and various leftover garnishes like apple sauce. Although I must say this pork, tomato and fried egg sandwich for Saturday brunch was particularly good.

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