Sunday, 19 September 2010

A Taste Adventure?

I helped run the SlowFood Taste Adventure at the Start Garden Party at Clarence House today.

The Taste Adventure is an interactive way of introducing people to the use of all five senses when eating and enjoying food. The key message that we aim to convey is: ‘To really enjoy food we need to use all our five senses’ and in order to start the journey of a life-long love of food, we believe it is vital that everyone understands:
• how to appreciate food using each sense individually
• how each sense affects the others
• the basic elements of taste
• the difference between taste and flavour

The Taste Adventure was set on the top deck of the CIAO Ark. Despite the cutting wind the number of children did manage to outnumber the number of people running the session most of the time.

At each of the five interactive stations (one for each sense) and the kids had to identify different foods using only that particular sense. There were some close up photos of food to identify, jars of aromatics to sniff, different drinks to taste, bags filled with different things to touch and then some other foods to listen to whilst eating them.

All of the kids seemed to enjoy it (especially when mum and dad helped with the answers). It was amazing just how knowledgeable some of the kids were; I'm not sure I could have identified the smell of rosemary when I was 10.

All in all a very enjoyable event which is more than I can say about the rest of the Garden Party (unfortunately), even with a flash of Charlie and the Missus.

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