Monday, 15 February 2010

ICCHFC - Week 22: Caraway seed cake

Louisa started round 4 off with an eclectic option of cakes:
  • My Nana’s caraway seed cake
  • Eccles cake
  • New York
Of which the caraway seed cake was a runaway winner. No picture, unfortunately.
I can honestly say this was a unique experience. I have never tasted anything like Louisa's nana's caraway seed cake. It had quite an aniseed flavour. I'm really not sure if I liked it or not, it was such an unusual assault on my taste buds, I was left with little chance to decide if it was actually moreish. I had to have more just to experience the taste again.

Louisa's Nana's caraway seed cake recipe

3 eggs
Equivalent weight as eggs of: self raising flour, butter, caster sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
4 tsp caraway seeds
Keep some milk handy (may of may not be needed, depends of consistency of mixture)

1. Cream together butter and sugar
2. Add eggs, one at the time. After each egg, add a spoonful of flour. This, according to Nana, stops the mixture from splitting.
3. When the three eggs (and three spoonfuls of flour) have been added to the creamed sugar and butter mixture, beat in the vanilla and caraway seeds.
4. Add remaining flour. If mixture is a little thick, add a splash of milk.
5. Grease a cake tin
6. Bung in the oven (180°C) on the middle shelf for 45/50 mins.
7. Cool and eat. It's better if stored for a day or two!

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