Tuesday, 9 February 2010

ICCHFC - Week 21: Carrot cake

Hannah brought round three to a close with carrot cake. It was a, surprisingly, unanimous winner from chocolate fudge cake and bramley apple and passion fruit cake. Carrot cake had been suggested many times before but this was the first time it had actually won the vote. Clearly there was a hot bed of desire for carrot based cakage amongst the Cakers this week (especially to beat perennial favourite chocolate fudge cake!).

Unfortunately, there is no photo as the cake was stolen after the first elevenses tasting session by the Office Cake Thief (OCT).

Apparently, cake left in the fridge in the office kitchen is not deemed "communal", at least by some blighter anyway. The theft wasn't even subtle, as well over half a cake was snaffled by some vile little bug. This has left the Cakers outraged and brought an unpleasant mood to the office. And, irony or ironies, there wasn't even any cake to make things better.

Anyway, Hannah pulled another corker out of the bag. A very moist carrot cake that included banana. The frosting was orange and cream cheese which was, as usual, a sweet and satisfying topping.

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