Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sibling leaving "do"

So my youngest sister is finally leaving for Uni this weekend, so we're having a sibling get together on Tuesday night.

Elaine is a self confessed cheese addict and after I couldn't fulfil her request for crème brûlée (I have no ramekins and couldn't find a shop selling any in Canary Wharf), I decided it had to be a full on cheese-fest. So the menu looks like this:

Cheese straws/biscuits with goat's cheese pâté
Ricotta and Spinach Malfatti
Baileys Cheesecake

So the first course is all done. The malfatti have been formed, they can be cooked tomorrow night whilst I make the tomato sauce. The baileys cheesecake is 90% done. The base (dark chocolate digestives) and body are setting in the fridge, but I need to decide what to put on top. Dark chocolate shavings, some sort of coffee maybe? That's the mission for tomorrow lunch time.

Will post pictures and the recipes later this week. And there's Week 5 of the ICCHFC to update you on too.

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