Tuesday, 8 September 2009

French trip

Just got back from a four day trip to Grenoble in France for the Monkey Foo frisbee tournament.

Enjoyed many croissants and pain au chocolats for breakfast, some lovely cheeses (dinner on Saturday night actually had a cheese course; how impressive is that for over 200 people?), and some "interesting" sausage action in Luxembourg. Got my hands on a packet of Prince biscuits (why can't you get those in the UK?).

However, managed to miss out on many foodie delights. Despite driving past Bresse on the way up, didn't manage to stop for any chicken. No foie gras. No Milka chocolate. No confit duck. No crepes. No brasserie experiences (that's the problem of travelling in a big group: getting consensus on where to eat!).

Nutella jarAlso having stopped at a service station on the way up and seen a 5kg jar of Nutella we didn't see another. How I wish I'd bought it. It was literally a normal jar of Nutella scaled up to 5kg - AMAZING! Even Carrefour didn't have one that big.

However, did get a good griddle pan from the Carrefour just near the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais.

All in all a good trip but I wanted to stay longer just to eat more!

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