Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wood pigeon for Sunday lunch

Had one of my sisters over for lunch today, which is the first time anyone has come over for quite some time. As it's game season I had managed to get a pair of wood pigeons on Friday. I always think that having your own bird is like having your own private individual roast.

My normal modus operandi is to use a number of recipes in combination e.g. one for the main component of the meal (in this case the wood pigeon) then others for the accompaniments. For the first time I actually followed an entire recipe from a single source. Mind you, a recipe from Michel Roux's probably a good one to follow.

The "pigeon canoes with grape jus" from Only the best (Roux, 2002, p146) look like this:

Mine didn't look quite so refined (although my cabbage definitely looks better!):

Making the jus was by far and away the most time consuming and elaborate part of the recipe. It always seems that it's the sauces that sets professional cooking apart from the amateur. That and the availability, variety and quality of ingredients.

It was very tasty and I did have a reasonable sense of achievement although the sauce was little sweet (I hadn't completely compensated for the reduced quantity of grapes needed - idiot). Although the pigeon crown (or "canoe") was well cooked the legs were a little chewy. I'm not sure why (maybe over cooked?).

In quite deliberate contrast pudding was a comforting autumn crumble!

Essentially, I spent the whole day working out a menu (and writing shopping lists), shopping, cooking, eating and then clearing up. All in all a pretty good Sunday really.

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