Thursday, 11 October 2012


Here are a few things that I have come across recently and had completely forgotten to share:
  • Leith's are running a food styling course. It's seven weeks long and could very much help improve the readability of m'blog, well, the photos anyway. Only problem is it's nearly £500.
  • Burgerac is a razor-sharp blog about all burgers and burger-related matters. Great to browse, especially if you're in need of a burger in London-village.
  • Apparently bread can be made without kneading: Clearly I am going to have to conduct my own experiment.
  • I went to the Cake & Bake Show at Earl's Court a few weekends ago and was thoroughly under-whelmed. I'm not sure if that's because I only had an evening ticket, or not. Mind you, I did pick up a shiny new cake turntable!
  • It's my work anniversary soon, so I think a cake will be in order. Thing is I've got to live up to the last one. [Although the batch of brownies I took in recently did go down well. People were surprised that they merely have to ask for a cake and I'll probably make it...] I'm thinking of a cake that has been on my mind for quite some time (well ever since it featured on week 9 of the ICCHFC): a malteser cake. 
That is all.

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