Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Love Food Hate Waste week - Day 4

A day working at home, which for me means tying to limit my excursions into the kitchen!

Breakfast was just some toast made from bread straight from the freezer. I don't each much bread so just buy a reduced price loaf when I see one and stick it straight in the freezer.

Lunch was fried duck liver with pan juices. Seems odd, I know, but this was actually using up leftovers from the weekend. I'd made stock from duck giblets I had in the freezer. I hadn't used the liver as it adds a bitterness to the stock. 

I fancied something reasonably healthy for diner, with a vague memory of a Rachel Khoo recipe at the back of my mind, I decided on a roast autumnal vegetable medley with a goat's cheese mousse.

This was great: seasonal, tasty and healthy(ish). It isn't really worth writing up a recipe because it was so easy. Essentially I chopped up two carrots, a bunch of beetroots, two parsnips, an apple, a pear and a red onion into mouth-sized chunks. Liberally coated the lot in olive oil and salt and roasted until tender. For the goat's cheese mousse I broke down about 2oz of soft goat's cheese with a dash of milk. Then folded in some whipped double cream (using up the leftover from Sunday) before adding a squeeze of lemon juice (from lemon segments from the freezer).

Waste for the day:
  • Peelings and trimmings from carrots, parsnips, apple, pear, beetroot and onion - unavoidable.
(I ate the rind from the goat's cheese in a pita bread (from the freezer) while waiting for the veg to roast.)

  • Half my baked veg and mousse - that's lunch tomorrow sorted
  • Goat's cheese - weekend lunch here we come

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