Sunday, 9 January 2011

CuiZine blog

I forget that all this stuff I put up on this blog can actually be read by anyone surfing the web. My equilibrium position is to assume that no-one I actually know in the real world reads my ramblings. Consequently, I am always shocked to my core when someone mentions something on the blog. This has happened on number of occasions most recently at a wedding.

Then at the end of last year one of my mates told me about his first post for CuiZine: A Beginners Guide to Trinidadian Street Food.

Having finally got round to reading it properly, I wish I had read it much sooner. The article's very good in both content and style. It's also made me want to go back to Sunjam for some Caribbean takeaway.

Having got my head around a Tumblr blog for the first time (I think), I'm looking forward to more.

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