Monday, 30 August 2010

One year ago today...

...I wrote my first blog post on a whim and it's become a normal way of life. To celebrate I made myself a little cake.

However, the real way to celebrate is via the medium of stats. In the past year,
  • I have written 195 posts (196 with this one) meaning I post every 1.87 days. At what rate does that become an addiction?
  • People have visited my site from 64 different countries. Unbelievable!

  • My most popular recipe has been about what to do with duck leftovers.
  • I've been to, and reviewed, 26 different eateries from all over the shop (not enough time to work out the number of miles visited, although it's something to bear in mind):

  • 33 people have been fed Chez Buttaz and had their meals photographed and written about.
I wonder what the next year holds.


  1. Ahh, Sweet cake. Although, I prefferred the look of the cappucino one in your previous post. I've been food blogging 11 months now and have done exactly 100 posts (and a sabbatical). Keep it up!

  2. Yes, I was dead pleased with the cappucino cake and Astrid was pretty happy with it too. I can't imagine making a gateau without 3 layers now!

    There may have been some of the left over icing from the cappucino cake used for my anniversary cake.

    Good luck for your anniversary.


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