Thursday, 5 August 2010

More Unearthed products

Tonight was the first time I've done anything for Unearthed without input from anybody else. This time I was tasting pork rillettes and French pavé peppercorn salami.

I wasn't quite sure what rillettes were. The packet said a pork pâté and Larousse said
A preparation of pork, rabbit or goose, or poultry meat cooked in lard then pounded to a smooth paste, potted and served cold...

Turns out these descriptions were a pretty fair reflection of what I got: a pot full of tender pork aching to be spread on a baguette. Very rich and luxurious, but I thought it just needed a touch more salt. The salami was also pretty good with a decent peppery kick from the whole peppercorns. Yet another smashing set of products. I'm quite glad I didn't do the tasting with anybody else, it means I get to eat the lot!

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