Monday, 23 August 2010

Infrequent news update

It's been a quiet couple of weeks on the foodie front. Needless to say I still have some irons in the fire, including:
  • I've got a commission for a wedding cake! We've nailed the conceptual design (well, subject to bridal confirmation). "Just" a trial run to confirm the actually cake and icing layers to be used. Am massively nervous about this and very conscious that there's barely more than a month till the big day. GULP! More posts to follow as things progress from paper to cake.
  • Am currently considering the options for my first "proper" set of knives. I know it doesn't make sense to do as much cooking as I do with only one knife. I guess I've just never got round to buying any more. It's the last big thing missing from my culinary toolbox.
  • I might be doing some work on Unearthed environmental performance which would be a good mix of business and pleasure.
  • Finally apparently I'm going to be hosting a supper club, starting up a restaurant and giving lessons quite soon. At least if you actually believe the drunken musings of my friends...
P.S. My sister's just started a holiday around Italy. How jealous am I of all the amazing food she's going to eat (especially the gelato)?

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