Friday, 30 April 2010

Otarian restaurant puts carbon footprint on the menu!

A new restaurant, Otarian, has just opened in New York that has put the carbon footprint of everything it serves on its menu and two branches are planned for London later this year.

The restaurant has put sustainability at the core of its business. and taken a comprehensive look at all the business processes involved. It's a vegetarian place, the carbon footprint is a comprehensive cradle-to-crave analysis, energy and water efficiency, waste reduction and sustainable procurement have all been considered.

This sounds like a fantastic venture and something that I hope works well. Sustainability is one of the key challenges facing today's society and anything that can be done to break down the absurd excesses and wastage of our grotesque disposable consumerist society is a fantastic thing. What businesses need to remember is that sustainable performance actually improves the bottom line so there's simple no reason not to embrace it.

However, Otarian is a restaurant and it will live or die depending on the quality of its food. I hope that they've put as much effort into the menu as they have everything else. This is one restaurant opening I cannot wait for.

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