Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I was wandering around Birmingham city centre today and came across CyberCandy
...a sweet shop like none other. We import an astounding range of sweets and drinks and other cool stuff from all over the world for your delight and delectation.

As soon as I walked through the door I began to get a little heady (in a good way) from the saccharine atmosphere.

The shop was filled with sweets from around the world, especially western English speaking countries i.e. Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. I liked the Whatchamacallit and was staggered by Milky Way and Mars bars that clearly aren't anything like the British originals...

There was also a few bits and pieces from other countries like Sweden's Plopp (obviously) and a large selection from Japan. My favourite in the whole shop was the Marie Antoinette shaped lollipops - genius!

The prices were pretty steep (as you can imagine that they would be importing confectionery from all over the globe) so I only splurged out on a Canadian Wunderbar (yeah, that's right it's not from Germany). It's now waiting for me in my desk at work, ready to perk me up on a dull morning/afternoon/any tedious time.

Whilst I like the shop, I'm not sure I'm convinced it's the most carbon friendly of enterprises. But by their own admission they do recycle 90% of their waste which is to be commended. It makes an unusual treat and provides an edible reminder of holidays gone by.

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  1. mark, surely you must have been to the one in covent garden!?! this is old hat!


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