Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Recent events

  1. I was invited to the launch party of Platform, a new restaurant under platform 1 at London Bridge. The venture is championing their "gate to plate" approach using produce from one Devon farm and using the whole carcasses of animals reared there. The restaurant is full of reclaimed furniture and has a modern light feel to it. I have high expectations.

  2. I went to Moro for the first Unearthed tasting panel, where I met Helen from Food Stories and Chris from Cheese and Biscuits (both bloggers who occupy the Premiership whilst I dwell down in League Two, dreaming of promotion). I also found out that I've made it into an Unearthed promo video (you'll want to fast-forward at about 1:35 , to avoid my ugly mug)

  3. I've also been to the The Middle House in Mayfield for a surprise family birthday. It was a very odd meal with highs like my starter blue cheese and walnut soufflé, lows such as the mess of incompatible flavours which was my main of sea bass on a smoky bacon mash with balsamic glaze (I think the only reason I went with the fish was to avoid one of the one-size fits all Sunday roasts. I knew balsamic and fish was a mistake.) and middling ground like my strawberry cheesecake with poppy seed tuille and a strawberry & tarragon coulis. Overall I just got the impression that this place was trying far too hard and just not meeting expectations. I think it's got potential the chef just needs to reign it in and avoid odd combinations and build a reputation by delivering quality throughout the entire menu.

  4. Finally I have decided that I'll not be buying bread again but will be making my own. This has come about whilst reading In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan. I'll explain more once I've finished the book.
P.S. Unearthed are running a competition at the moment to win a holiday in Italy. Find out more.

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  1. I forgot the mash was meant to be smokey bacon and only after reading this do i remember. so it didn't! also, don't tell other people about the comp because then you are doing yourself in!


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