Sunday, 28 March 2010

Odds and ends...

So, it's been a while since I've done a brief update and there are a few things to discuss:
  • I went to the Unearthed picnic on Tuesday afternoon which was a good afternoon. It was good to meet some of the Unearthed team and get an understanding of the company. I also briefly met Silvena Rowe and recorded a video which might be used...I'm looking forward to the first tasting panel event.
  • Went into Harrods this week and came across my first Whoopie Pie. This New England phenomenon, and a Pennsylvania Amish tradition, is made with two soft cookies with a fluffy white filling. They are about the side of a hamburger patty. The original and most commonly made whoopie pie is chocolate but today pumpkin whoopie pies are a favorite seasonal variation. I think I'm gonna have to make me some of these!
    Much more info on Whoopie Pies.

  • On Thursday went to Champor Champor for a Malaysian meal, which was over-priced and really not that good.
  • Elaine has come up with a genius idea to cook the last recipes from a TV show notably Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secrets. I think there could definitely be something in that...
  • Apparently Findus crispy pancakes will be back in the shops from April. apparently voters on a facebook group asked for the curry flavour to be brought back. Now, I have some chive pancakes leftover from making beef wellington. Maybe I should make my own crispy pancakes. Eighties night anyone?
  • I've submitted an idea to Olive magazine for a feature they will be running with Gordon Ramsay. I've asked him to give me a "recipe that'll convince me and my friends to try cooking offal at home". I doubt it'll get used, no one ever wants to feature offal!
  • One day I really will finish the Krispy Kreme challenge video...


  1. use my alias not real name!

  2. my previous comment does not seem to have saved - use my alias not real name!

  3. Dear Buttaz,

    There is a new bar/restaurant call Platform that offers a great 'Gate to Plate' dining experience, and I would like to invite you for our launch party. Is this something that interest you?

    Please do email me at and I will send you further information [invites, menu, etc].

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Kind Regards,
    Kathryn Kee


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