Friday, 5 March 2010

Happiness is cake...

I made a small banana and caramel cake for two friends at work today and I couldn't be happier with their delight at this small gesture.

We'd been in the pub last week and had been discussing the fact that since I don't work in their department any more, there had been a distinct lack of cake for them. Then yesterday A emailed me saying she was looking forward to their cake. I had no idea what she was on about, thinking that I'd made some kind of promise in the pub which I couldn't remember.

Turns out that A was only joking. But I hate to disappoint and so last night I spent half hour or so putting together a small banana cake.

It wasn't much effort but the sheer delight, when I turned up yesterday morning with a little cake especially for A and D, was brilliant. It reminded me just how satisfying it is to make other people happy through the wonder of food.

Their "verdict" was as follows:

Taste - 8 - Yummy. More caramel next time – maybe ice the top in caramel?
Texture - 7 - Heavy but not stodgy
Presentation - 5 - More decoration required, where’s my mini iced banana decoration?
Expectations met (i.e. banana cake should taste of bananas) - 10 - Fully met

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