Monday, 1 March 2010

Life as a foodie...

It struck me today that when you have a passion which other people can understand, or appreciate, it really seems to affect their opinion about you. A few examples:
  • People can't invite me round for dinner because they could never live up to my "standards"
  • Apparently I spend most of my time eating in high-end fine-dining Michelin restaurants at over £100 a pop
  • I can't ever go and have "dodgy" pub grub of high-street food because it'll not live up to my "standards"
None of this is true, obviously. I just happen to particularly enjoy filling my face with tasty grub. I don't really how I get my fix, as long as it's scrumptious. I like a dirty kebab as much as the next man; everything has its place.

I won't deny that I do like apparently being an "expert" but just occasionally this backfires on me...

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