Monday, 4 January 2010

Food Blog Search

Just found out that I've been added to the Food Blog Search:

Food Blog Search is a custom built search engine specifically for searching recipes in food blogs. It is intended to be a useful tool for food bloggers and for scratch cooks looking for recipes and inspiration. Food Blog Search uses Google technology, through the Google Custom Search Engine program. Started in October 2006, Food Blog Search now searches over three thousand hand-selected, high quality food blogs. More and more food blogs are added to the list of sites searched every day.

Their inclusion criteria are really quite strict:
  • Written in English
  • Subject is food and cooking
  • Is at least three months old, with at least 30 entries
  • Provides a substantial number of recipes, most original or adapted and not just copied word for word from other sites
  • Any recipes taken from other sources must be properly credited, and preferably rewritten in your own words.
  • All recipes include accompanying stories or substantial headnotes (at least a paragraph)
  • All recipes include attractive original photos or illustrations
  • Follows classic scratch-cooking methods with whole food ingredients
  • Presented in a blog format, including comments
  • Is a current, active blog, with at least 2 entries a month
  • Includes an "About" section with information about the blog author(s)
  • Evidence that the blog supports the food blogging community, for example, ample links to other food blogs in entries, a blogroll with several food blogs mentioned, and/or display of the Food Blog Search widget or button on the blog.
I'm dead chuffed to be in as it means people from all over might be searching and using my recipes!

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