Sunday, 24 January 2010

Eagle Bar Diner

Went to the Eagle Bar Diner just off Oxford Street today with my sister for Sunday lunch. It's an American diner with the usual leather, metal, wood interior, but they pull it off well.

I was eager for a burger and went for the classic 6oz beef burger made from ground rump steak. This was on special £7.99 with three free toppings. It came with red onion marmalade, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickle and tomato. I chose cheese and double bacon as my extra toppings (apparently double bacon means two 2 slices!).

When it came I was initially disappointed. In my opinion the bap should never be bigger than the burger. If anything the meat patty should be bigger than the roll. After all, you get a burger for a moist patty of steak not for the bread! However, the burger was very tasty, moist and perfectly cooked. My only gripe was a touch too much lettuce. I was pleasantly surprised to find the pickle served on the side; gherkins can be a very hit and miss affair. This was definitely hit, not too strongly pickled, adding just the right note of sourness.

The fries were good: thin, crisp and salty. however, the accompanying mayonnaise (very Continental, I know!) was SWEET! I had to try it at least three times to make sure I was right. I truly bizarre experience and a very unwelcome accompaniment.

I had a peanut butter and banana milkshake to go with my burger. I was expecting it to come in one of the metal shakers and was disappointed when I just got a glass. However, appearances had deceived me again. The shake was great. A perfect combination of peanut butter and banana without either being too overpowering or the whole thing being too sweet. The texture was perfect: a strong suck on the straw resulting in a mouthful of dairy delight.

I'd go again, if I was in the area. A good choice for a spot of weekend lunch.

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  1. how funny, that's where claire took me before as well! must be one of her favourites! how come you met up?

  2. Went to Hamleys and then lunch. Claire had a boyf free weekend.


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