Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Updates are required on a few things, so here goes:
  1. First of all, the bad news: I didn't win the Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding Competition. The entries were pretty varied but quite a few variations on a theme. The winner was Sabrina of Sabrina's Passions with a rolled fillet of pork stuffed with Christmas pudding.
    The judges felt that all of the entries were of an excellent standard - and it was a tough job picking the overall winner. Sabrina's entry however was really unusual and creative and she had taken the savoury take on the Christmas pudding recipe to another level. The recipe instructions were really clear, so that readers would be able to recreate the recipe to a high standard too.
    Quite similar to my ballotine of duck, but a little more elegant.
  2. More bad news, I didn't get into the last eight of the AA Home Cooking Competition. Mind you the winner, Rachel from Cook Your Life, clearly blew me out of the water. Her Fennel Dusted Lamb with Puttanesca Salsa, White Onion Puree & Beluga Lentils sounds great and was a cut above mine originality and flavour combinations. Clearly, I'm gonna have to up my game. Although well cooked, I think my recipe was just too "traditional". (P.S. Sabrina came third!)
  3. To try and keep the effects of festive excesses at bay I shall be doing the 100 push ups and 200 sit-ups challenges.
  4. The Krispy Kreme Challenge video should be done soon...

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