Monday, 14 December 2009


Lunch today was care of the German Christmas market that has popped up outside Canary Wharf tube station. They are selling:
  • Bratwurst - German sausage
  • Krakkauer - spicy sausage
  • Curry sausage

The sausages are boiled and then finished on a massive 8' grill that's been set up in the middle of each hut. There's authentic, slightly spicy Continental ketchup and mayonnaise available too.

The sausages are good, but they come in a half baguette rather than the smaller traditional roll. Consequently the sausage:bap ratio is all wrong: too much bread not enough sausage. Nevertheless a tasty, if not expensive (£4.50 a pop!) festive treat. After all, everyone love a sausage!

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