Thursday, 30 August 2012

That was then, this is now

Having sung "Happy Birthday" in my head (some murmurings may have escaped into the outside world...) to celebrate doing this blog thing for three years, I settled down for some reflection.

This has definitely been a story of two halves. For the first 18 months, I was in deep, very deep. I posted prodigiously about everything that caught my eye, or that I did, that was in some way food related. And it was great. Most of my spare time was either taken up with eating at "some place nice" or cooking something good. Or thinking about eating some place nice or thinking about cooking something good.

Then things changed. Real work became less satisfying and I needed a new challenge. I wanted to do something meaningful as opposed to cruising (not in a gay way). So a new job, away from London, was the result. Consequently, as I seemed to spend a greater proportion of my life travelling rather than doing anything else, the blog suffered. Thus for the last 18 months my output has shrivelled to merely one or two posts a month.

Things have improved a little recently as the new job is great, but it is all consuming.

So now, three years on what the plan? Am I any closer to being a foodie? Is this bloggin' malarkey ever going to lead to anything more? Do I need to re-focus perhaps with a more refined subject matter; can I find a niche? Does it need to?

Guess I'll just keep on writing and we'll all have to wait and see if any of those questions get answered...

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