Saturday, 11 August 2012

Duck and Waffle

Went for a lunch today at the brand new Duck and Waffle on the 40th floor of Heron Tower, London's third tallest skyscraper (After The Shard and One Canada Square). Now it's been a while since I was up with the latest foodie goings on in old-London-village, but since I was meeting my friend at Liverpool Street Station, which it is just opposite, it seemed an opportunity too good to miss.

It's exciting hurtling up to the restaurant in the super-fast glass lift on the outside of the tower. The sense of anticipation continues as you make you way up further via a spiral stair case all the while surrounded by the great views of London the floor-to-ceiling windows afford. It's actually takes some time to get to the welcoming bar as you can't help but keep stopping and pointing out various landmarks on the way.

The dining room is full of heavy wood: tables, bar and the open kitchen. This all contrasts very well with the otherwise stark modern tower interior. I think it also gives you a sense of being grounded, despite being so far up in the sky.

They're serving up an all day menu in a tapas-esque style i.e. plates to share. It's the sort of fabulous food that you can't help but enjoy. We had, in no particular order,:

bbq-spiced crispy pig ears
These came in a brown paper bag with a wax seal embossed with a duck's head. Crisp shard of porky deliciousness.

rabbit rillettes / sourdough / beer chutney / pistachio
Smooth and delicately rabbit rillettes. Although the chutney was so good I slightly over indulged. Again. And again.

burrata / capers / pickled red onion / parsley

roasted essex beetroot / goat curd / honey / watercress /
Fantastic beets brought to live with the curd. Earthy and packed full of flavour; each component well balanced against the others.

duck & waffle / fried duck egg / mustard maple syrup
Confit duck leg on a billowy waffle topped with a perfect duck egg. Amazing. The maple syrup works very well, but go easy and try and make sure you get some of the mustard seeds out of the jug, otherwise the sweetness will be too much.

I could quite happily have carried on eating for some time, if only I wasn't so damn full. It's the sort of stuff you don't ever want to stop eating. I'd be flabbergasted if I went there with someone and there wasn't at least one thing on the menu that they'd like (to be honest, if that was the case, I think they'd need de-friending).

My lord, the food certainly befits its surrounding. What a contrast to Barbecoa last night!

You simply must go. I've told everyone who'd listen that they have to go. You won't be disappointed.

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P.S. This was the view from our table. I've had a pretty scenic 24 hours of meals!

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