Saturday, 10 July 2010

Update (finally!)

Things have been pretty quiet on the food frontier recently, mainly because I've been gallivanting around with work and (incredibly) some non-food related antics (like going to Wimbledon). Consequently I've not been doing much cooking nor eating out.

However, there have a been a few things which I've been up to which are quite interesting and next week should be a blast:
  • I did a course in food hygiene run by the local council. It's really aimed at small businesses and was taught by an EHO from Greenwich council. Gives me a good basic understanding of the legal requirements should I ever need it...
  • My review of the Taste of London was featured on the toptable blog, which was nice, but expected: it was a condition of getting free tickets!
  • I've made it into olive magazine. My cheese and onion sandwich recipe made it in to the current reader's issue as a "show-off" starter! You can find the recipe (and my ugly mug) on page 42 of the August 2010 issue. I'll put a scan up when I get a chance so you can enjoy their most excellent food photography.
  • Finally, I'm off to Devon for the week tomorrow. I am doing the Intermediate Cookery course at the Ashburton Cookery School. I have agonised incessantly over this course and whether I've chosen the right one or not. I want to learn techniques and an understanding of flavour combinations and I'm worried that this course is too easy for me (but the next one was probably a little too advanced). Anyway, time will tell and I will tell you once I get back.


  1. Course was pretty good. The chefs at Ashburton are brilliant teachers. Lots of posts about the week to do, so I'll be having quite a busy weekend.


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