Friday, 16 July 2010

Course verdict

So, after 5 days of cooking in Devon, was it worth it? I think the answer is yes.

I thoroughly enjoyed being in a kitchen from 9:30 until 5:30/6 every day. I would have enjoyed doing a bit more actual coking, there seemed to be a lot of demos and group cooking. I can understand the reasoning behind it but I would have liked to do at least one desert from scratch. Also I'm not sure about cooking in pairs; a very strange experience. Saying that though, I still learnt loads of stuff from professional chefs. Things that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have otherwise picked up. The tutors were all great, with knowledge just exuding from their pores.

I could have coped with the course above but at least I know that what I do know is all good stuff and I'm heading in the right direction. I've got a fair idea of what I need to take my cooking on to the next level. I also had a chance to help out some of the other attendees which was good. Especially as I've got my first "lesson" next Friday.

I've left Ashburton with confidence in my ability and with a desire to take it to the next level. I've got a few ideas brewing. Time will tell...


  1. so what are you going to do with your new skill?

  2. Well I've been thinking about doing some kind of professional cooking, maybe by signing up to a catering company or something.

    Gotta find the time and the guts to take the plunge!



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