Thursday, 6 May 2010


Went to Platform tonight for an impromptu catch-up in London Bridge, this time for something to eat.

Despite rocking up at 1830 without a booking we were immediately whisked upstairs to a table. It turned out we were the first diners of the night. Consequently the service was attentive which was OK as our waiter was very friendly too. This was their "Get Out of Jail" card as our request for asparagus as a starter was ignored/forgotten (and I was so looking forward to getting my first hit of this year's crop).

The quality of the mains accompanied by some good scrumpy also helped us forget the AWOL asparagus.

I had the pork and apple pie which was pretty big (the picture doesn't do the size of it justice) and very tasty. Meltingly tender pork, large pieces of apple and a beautiful short pastry lid: a pie of kings. I loved the (delicious) crackling shard dramatically spearing the pie.

H had the liver with spinach, sultanas and almonds. The liver was excellently cooked and the dish very well balanced.

I also have to mention the interior. Most of the fixtures and fittings are reclaimed and add to an incredibly appealing interior. The massive mirror behind the bar and the glitter ball add to the quixotic atmosphere.

So, the food's good, the service's good and the place has real character, you just know there's a but coming don't you? Well here it is. The restaurant is on a mezzanine level above the bar, so the noise from the bar easily makes its way up the staircase and fills the dining area. We had to talk quite loudly just to hear each other. Now, I am not one of those people who wants to eat in an atmosphere of hushed reverence. The hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant/bar, is always enjoyable but Platform seemed to be a bit too much bar to really enjoy the restaurant experience.

Another point to note, rather interestingly, is that for all their bluster about the "gate to plate" concept, Platform isn't a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

I really want to shout about Platform and recommend it heartily but I just can't, yet. There's so much to like. I'll reserve final judgement until I've been back when the bar isn't so rowdy.

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  1. So what happened about the asparagus? Simon Rimmer says you only get 6 weeks of it. Did they apologise or did you ask about it?

  2. Yeah, they offered us free coffee but we didn't take them up on it.


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