Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Chez Gerard

Went to Chez Gerard in Waterloo tonight for a very casual post work meal to catch up with a pal and had a very predictable chain restaurant meal. I booked us on the toptable deal using the Prix Fixe menu, a very respectful £16.95 for two courses (not including the £1.95 cover charge for bread [which came with an anchovy butter that was so subtle as to render the addition of anchovies completely redundant] )

To start I had a Salade du berger with goat's cheese and beetroot - excellent bedfellows - and hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs and goat's cheese. I'll give you a moment just to consider the texture of that combination, let alone the taste. Let's just say it's not something I will be trying to recreate, ever.

Mains were much better. A had the steak-frites, a well cooked flavoursome rump steak with plenty of slender crisp sticks of potato.

My Coq au vin was good. The aroma was wonderful and engulfed us both even before it had reached our table. The chicken was tender and the vegetables and broth savoury and comforting. The mashed potato was a good accompaniment too.

The atmosphere was good and there was a pleasing "buzz". The interior was decorated with a nod to the nearby railway and pleasantly lit, despite being on the basement/ground floor.

Overall, a pretty solid performance and what you'd expect from a well established chain.

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