Thursday, 26 April 2012

Krispy Kreme bacon cheese burger

To begin with I'd like to remind you of the classic Sesame Street game "three of these things".

Now, having refreshed your memory take in the following picture and sing along:

#Three of these things belong together
#Three of these things are kind of the same
#But one of these things just doesn't belong here
#Now it's time to play our game (time to play our game)

Did you get it right? I have to confess it's a bit of a trick question. Actually these four items - an original glazed Kripy Kreme doughnut, a beefburger, bacon and cheese - are the components that together make up the (self-acclaimed) "best burger in baseball": a Krispy Kreme bacon cheese burger.

Clearly, once I'd heard about such a thing (thanks Man vs. Food) I had to have one. As the burger is only available from the Gateway Grizzlies ballpark, I'd have to do it myself.

Today, I finally managed to get all the requisite ingredients and set about making me a Krispy Kreme bacon cheese burger.

I fried the smoky bacon first, then fried the patty in the tasty bacon grease (I even used Heston's 15s flipping tip which did actually produce a great crust and a juicy burger). Before mopping up all those meaty juices by grilling the sliced doughnut in them. The burger is then built with the doughnut glazed-side in.

Now, everyone who I have mentioned this to has so far had a similar reaction, much along the lines of "WHAT? That's disgusting. Why would you do that?".

I feel I am now ready to answer that question and defend this burger because it was actually a uniquely tasty experience.

Unsurprisingly the sweetness of the doughnut glazing pervades every mouthful. However, the burger actually manages to titillate all your tastes in one mouthful. After the initial sweet hit, the meaty umami of the beef kicks in, followed by the tang of cheese, finishing with the saltiness of the bacon. It's really quite remarkable. And incredibly moreish.

I was quite sad I couldn't have another immediately. I'd gladly have another and would urge you to try it. I really think you'll be surprised.

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