Sunday, 17 April 2011

Restaurant rights

Receiving poor food or service in a restaurant is a tricky thing to deal with. Do you say something and risk the revenge of the waiter/cook? It isn't something that should be taken into consideration, but the reality is that is has to be. I've heard far too many stories (both first and second hand) not to have this cross my mind.

Putting aside the vagaries of deciding what to do, do you know what your rights actually are?

I came across this article which explains just what you can expect in all too common circumstances.

Essentially, your rights are based on the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. This demands that any service should be carried out with
Reasonable care & skill, within a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost

Using this as a basis you can
  • Refuse to pay if the food wasn't up to scratch
  • Refused to tip if the service was bad. Equally you can deduct 10% if service IS included!
  • Not always get tap water for free as restaurants are allowed to charge. They do have to provide a loo though (as long as there's a drinks license)

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  1. Indeed a sensitive situation to be in, which I've often found myself in! Restaurants simply take offence if you tell them that their food is bad. Thanks for sharing the MSE link. I've often relied on that website to sort out my distance buying problems.


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