Monday, 16 November 2009

Post news

I realise it's been a bit quiet of late but there has been lots going on and there are a few irons in the fire:
  • The AA Home Cooking Competition cook-off has happened. Unfortuntely I didn't make it into the last eight but a few of the members of the UKFBA were in the cook-off so I'm dying to know how they did.
  • Yesterday I had my tasting day for the Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding competition - 2 mains and 6 puddings. Need to post about that before Friday.
  • I did the Invention Test at MasterChef LIVE on Saturday which was a mixed bag...
  • On a similar note. I might be hosting a Ready, Steady, Cook night soon. Three of my chums form the office are each going to chip in £5 for ingredients at lunchtime. Then it'll be back to mine to feed them...(Interesting how the MasterChef Invention test and RSC are basically the same thing....)
  • Me and a chum had another crack at the Krispy Kreme challenge. I'm working on my first video post, which is taking a tad longer than I had anticipated.

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  1. I'm 'dieing' to know how they did.

    Are you kidding me?



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