Sunday, 30 August 2009

Welcome along!

The aim of this blog is to act as a reminder for my adventures with food. Be they in my own kitchen, or out and about.

I love cooking. Especially for others. There's nothing more satisfying than taking raw ingredients, sprinkling a little culinary magic and seeing a smile of delight on other people's faces. When people come round for dinner I delight in carefully constructing a menu which will (hopefully) mirror their personality and go down a storm.

I also love baking and have just recently started a cake club at work. What better way to brighten up a Monday morning than fresh cake for elevenses (and maybe threeses, if it lasts that long)? If you're tired of cake, then you're tired of life!

Hopefully on this journey I'll get to meet others who share my passion; I suspect there's quite a few around. Maybe I'll even get to be a fully fledged "foodie" (I do wonder just when you can wear the badge of "foodie").

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